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Independent Mineral Resources Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 11th January 2011 under Companies Act 1956 and was promoted by Mr. Mandagiri Charan. The primary business of the company is trading mineral products like mill scale, iron ore, granites, rice, cotton, etc. As there was 7 immense scope for chillies entered in export of chillies to various countries from the year of 2016, in the year 2022 diversified the commodities and entered in the field of aqua culture.

The company was further floated to carry on the business of mineral exports internationally since 01.04.2011.The directors of the company are Mr. Mandagiri Charan and Mrs. T Sunanda, who possess a unique combination of marketing knowledge and innovative ideas in the field of minerals and agriculture and aqua.

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With years of experience in the Minerals, Agri and Aqua, our staff has unwavering drive, enthusiasm and skill, allowing us to keep our goal of providing exceptional customer service, high-quality products, and good value for money.

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Certified by the Government of India and various other well known organizations proves our authenticity.


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